Dua to Increase Love Between a Couple

A Dua can help to improve Love Relations Between a couple. Love is the backbone of any lifelong relationship. The relationship of a couple is one such lifelong relationship that rides on the back of love and support. The close bond between the two souls is what translates marriage into a sustained and committed bond.

The axis of this pious relation between a couple is love. Without love, no commitment, no bonding, and no stability in the institution of marriage. To spark the love between a couple understanding has a crucial role.

To get that understanding in your relationship and reignite the love and bonding dua can play a crucial role. Dua to increase love between a couple can help you to get your married life back on track. It’s obvious that we don’t want our married life to die for the want of love and understanding. When the relationship between a couple gets strained and the space for talking becomes narrower dua to increase love between a couple can be your last resort.

It’s often said that when nothing works dua does because dua gets listened to directly by the Almighty Allah. When you do dua to increase affection between a couple with full faith and abide by the direction and procedure for the holy process Allah listens and resolves your query.

If you are not aware of the method and procedure for doing dua to increase love between a couple then you can take the help of some ‘Pir’, ‘Fakir’, or ‘Ulemma’. One can also get the idea of doing dua to increase love between a couple from some elderly women in the house.

Well, now you don’t have to ask anyone to perform the dua to increase love between a couple. Wondering why, because we are going to discuss the procedure for doing dua to increase love between a couple right now.

So, if you are someone who is missing that spark and love in your matrimonial relationship and if you’re married life is going through a turbulent phase then this is especially for you. Keep on reading till the end without a miss to get the answer to your queries.

To reignite the love for you in your love you need to perform the respective dua. This dua is to be done exclusively by wives. This can be the first step in getting your matrimonial relationship back on track. Performing this dua as per the directed process and methodology can do wonders for love and wife relations. Take out your pen and paper as we are now going to discuss the steps for this dua:

  • Put two 2 almonds (Badam) in your mouth after Isha Salah (Night time prayer).
  • Make sure that you keep the almonds on your tongue and don’t swallow or eat it.
  • Now think about/imagine your love.
  • At the same time start reciting Darood for Eleven times.
  • After this read the last lines of ayat number 39 and not the whole ayat.
  • Recite this line 100 times.
  • Now take almonds from the mouth and blow them on their surface.
  • Without cleaning the almonds put them back in your mouth.
  • Start reciting the lines again.
  • For every hundred recitations repeat the process of blowing on the surface of the almond.
  • Repeat this cycle five times
  • After this take the almonds out and wrap them in a clean piece of paper and keep them safe and clean.
  • Repeat the entire process (from step one) for five days.
  • Do not wipe the saliva if it comes on the surface of the almond while performing the above process.
  • After 5 days try and make your love eat those almonds.
  • Don’t put almonds in a hot dish or bring it near the fire. Put it in something cold or sweet that is already cooked and cooled.
  • That’s all you need to do. Your love would realize the lost love and attraction towards you within a few hours of eating the almonds. The dua would bring in quick and effective results.

It would always be better if both of you do dua to develop love between a lover. When the efforts double the results are maximized. The dua that we are going to discuss now can be done by both a lover. Wives can continue this dua while performing the above-mentioned dua to get instant and effective results.

The process for doing dua to develop love between a lover is as follows:

  • Finally, rise before sunrise and sit on the Namaz mat.
  • Keep your face towards Qiblah Sharif.
  • Don’t forget to keep some sugar in front of you.
  • Now recite for seven times Durood-e-Ibrahimi.
  • After this recite twenty-two times Durood-e-Taj Sharif.
  • Repeat the recitation of Durood-e-Ibrahimi seven times.
  • While recitation keep true intentions in your heart and mind to increase love between a lover.
  • After completion of recitation (as directed above) blow on sugar.
  • a lover should now use this sugar.
  • Repeat the entire process (from step one) for 7 days.
  • Use a large quantity of sugar each time so that you have sugar to use for a long time.
  • This dua would show results in a week’s time. Both of you would find a renewed vigor to fill love and attachment for each other. Doing the Dua to increase love between a lover with full concentration is mandatory to get the best results.

Loss of love and the widening of the gap between a lover is the perfect recipe for the death of your matrimonial relation. You should immediately start dua to increase love between a lover as soon as you start witnessing signs of strain in your relations. We hope that you find this piece of information helpful. For more such remedies to revive your life stay connected with us.

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