Wazifa For Getting Pregnant Fast

Wazifa To Get Pregnant In One Month, Are you trying to get the best gift of the world? Of course, you are happily married but you no longer want to see the empty rooms. You want to hear those heavenly smiles and noises. Maybe you are disappointed after trying numerous things to get pregnant.

Wazifa To Get Pregnant In One Month

But have you tried some religious things? Well, you need good faith to work your prayers. In the Islamic environment, Wazifa to get pregnant in one month can be useful. The literal meaning of Wazifa in Islam is “to employ”.

However, the religious version of the Urdu language refers to the Wazifa as some specific verse or phrases. The phrases are used to seek special favor from divine power. The verse or phrases are easily available in both Urdu and Arabic.

But before trying the Wazifa you should know the pronunciation or words well. Otherwise, the Wazifas cannot work for your interest. However, there are arguments in the Islamic environment about the validity of Wazifa.

Some mean that Wazifa is a particular verse or phrase of Surah while others determine that Wazifa is not authenticated by Islam as it proves the human beings greedy. The prayer should be of a modest and peaceful tone. The Wazifa somehow reflects your greed and frustration for not getting something.

Super easy wazifa to get pregnant

Here is a powerful wazifa to get pregnant. If you or anyone you know is trying to get pregnant but have not been able to see positive results, it is time to leave everything and fully rely on Allah.

This wazifa can be a miracle for you if you set your heart on it and apply it with full belief in Allah and His powers, mercy and love. This miraculous wazifa is based on thankfulness (shukr).

  • Method:
  • Sit in a comfortable place (alone)
  • Recite Surah Fatiha three times as thanks
  • Recite the below mentioned dua 40 times

Best wazifa to get pregnant fast and easy

Imagination and thanks: After reciting this dua for 40 times, now close your eyes and imagine that Allah has made you pregnant. See in your imagination that Allah has answered your wazifa. See your spouse and family members (mother or sister for example) expressing their happiness for your pregnancy. Now, in your imagination, start thanking Allah for the pregnancy. Feel the happiness and appreciation for Allah.

This wazifa works one hundred percent of the time, if done according to the steps and instructions mentioned above.

Ayat E Karima To Get Pregnant

You should recite the same for 125000 times with faith on god almighty. Many women was pregnant after hearing the recitation. There are legends which confirms the stories of pregnant women. You should remember the Surah Al-Anbiya verse 87 and 88 while reciting the same.

It will keep your faith intact until you complete the process. Considering Kalima as the best Zikar for Allah you must seek forgiveness. So firstly recite the Inni Kuntu and then try the ayat.

You can do the ayat with or without wudu. This is the speciality of this wazifa. You can do it anytime anywhere. However, you should follow the convention and try the same after wuzu.

Put some water near you and dip the tasbeeh repeatedly while doing the recitation. The tasbeeh should be made of 100 beads as it helps to make the prayer stronger. After the 125000 times of recitation you may get signal in your dream.

Sometimes you can feel the hope coming back with this ayat. So, do not stop until you reach your target time for recitation. This ayat will give you beautiful children. It is the ultimate wazifa to get pregnant soon.

best wazifa for pregnancy in urdu

wazifa for pregnancy in quran – Sometimes, one of the partners is also not ready. They are not sure of the kid. Whatever might be the problem or complication, you only need to contact us immediately. You as a couple deserve to be blessed with the happiness of a child, a small baby as a blessing with you. You can see your kid grow, laugh with them and make a hundred different beautiful memories which you are not enjoying at present due to the problems. Do not let any medical problem or obstacle keep you from the joy of becoming a parent. Call us right away, and we will ask our specialist to help you in solving the issue with our 100% genuine and powerful wazifa to get pregnant.

If you need any type of help and Guidance talks to us without any hesitation. In sha Allah we will solve your problem

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