How to Break Haram And Unlawful Relationship

Assalam Alaikum, Today, we will talk about Haram or unlawful relationships and give you a Dua To Break Haram And Unlawful Relationship. This article could help you stop an illegal affair of your or your loved one.

If you are with someone and don’t intend to marry them, that kind of relationship will be called a Haram relationship. If you are in a haram relationship with anyone, you are committing a big sin in the eyes of Almighty Allah (SWT). So it’s better to eliminate such relationships as soon as possible.

The Dua to Break Haram Relationship can help if your husband cheats on you. It’s a really hard situation for a woman if her husband cheats on her. But sister, you don’t have to worry. Just read the Dua to break the relationship carefully and get back with your husband.

  • Here is the step-by-step process to perform Dua To Break Haram And Unlawful Relationship –
  • After Isha Prayer, stay on Your prayer mat.
  • Then recite the following verse of Surah-Al-Imran (3:173) as much time as possible.
  • “Hasbunallahu Wa ni’mal Wakeel“
  • Now imagine the person’s face for whom you are performing this Dua and blow on his face.
  • You have to continue this process for 41 days. You can’t skip this method for a single day.
  • Keeping faith in the Almighty will help to get positive results soon.

Using Dua to break Haram and unlawful relationships is a great way to protect yourself and your lover from a shady relationship. If you have to leave your lover to end a haram relationship, you should do that. The Dua To Forget Someone will help you in this process.

Steps To Perform Wazifa to Stop Illegal Relationship

  • First of all, make fresh ablution.
  • Recite Durood-E-Ibrahim seven times.
  • Now Recite “Al-Mani” The pak name of Allah 5000 times.
  • Again Read Durood-E-Ibrahim seven times.
  • Also, remember to keep the reason in mind.
  • In the end, ask Allah to stop Illegal relationships.
  • If you find out that your partner has been cheating on you, then it is a good idea to read the supplication three times a day for eleven days. The Powerful wazifa to break unlawful relationships will help you live a sin-free life.

How to Repent from Haram Relationship in Islam

  • First of all, say “Astaghfirullah” 1000 times.
  • Then read the following verse 101 times.
  • ”Allahumma anta Rabbi la ilaha illa anta, Anta Khalaqtani wa ana abduka, wa ana ‘ala ahdika wa wa’dika mastata’tu, A’udhu bika min Sharri ma sana’tu, abu’u Laka bini’matika ‘alaiya, wa Abu Laka bidhanbi faghfirli innahu la yaghfiru adhdhunuba illa anta.”
  • After that, recite Surah Yusuf verse no. (12:86) 1000 times.
  • In the end, Ask Allah for forgiveness and promise yourself that you will never do any sin again in your life.
  • Leaving a haram relationship is the best thing to leave sins and live a happy life with the grace of almighty Allah SWT. You can read Dua to break engagement if you are forced to marry someone you don’t like.

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