Dua To Soften Someone’s Heart

Your husband is your friend, guide, guardian, and most importantly, your confidante. But sometimes, he starts to treat you differently. Along with that, he completely starts to ignore you. And ultimately no longer bothers about you. Only his emotion of hatred for you is in the constant hike. In this situation, as an ideal spouse, you no longer can afford to sit silently and only watch.

Also, you can fulfill your duty to protect your family with a dua. With the dua to soften your husband’s heart, your husband’s feelings for you will change. Along with that, he will learn who is the true savior of his family. With that, he can go to any extent to protect you. This dua is among the strong weapons to save your divorce. After this dua, he will think twice before hurting you. After that, his soul will connect with yours instantly.

Follow this dua in this way:

  • During your Salat al asar afternoon, namaz begins the dua to soften the husband’s heart.
  • Close all the room’s lights and open the window for the day’s light.
  • Read Surah 2 verse 187 from Quran silently with full concentration.
  • Then recite the ayat in this way:
  • alhabu al azwaj hu al kunz al haqiqi lilzawja qalil faqat min Husn al hazi yahsul ealayh ya rabi eazizi al raja’ musaeadatay fi al usul ealaa kl shay alhabu min Zuni hataa yatamakan min tatwi r zawiya naaeimat balns bt li fi qalbi
  • Repeat this dua twice in three days, and on the fourth day, you will get to see the result. In this way, you can set a blissful life with him.

Your parents are next to Allah himself as they sacrifice so much for us. But sometimes, when you have a tough father or mother, they never get convinced with your actions easily. If you have done something wrong, it becomes very hard for you to ask for forgiveness. They will stop talking with you for numerous days then.

The dua to soften parents’ hearts is the most helpful dua for you if you are in similar circumstances. Your parents will soon start behaving to you impressively after you use the dua. Also, they will be ready to oversee and tolerate all your wrong actions after this.

The dua to soften parent’s heart should be used in this manner:

  • Keep a day’s fast, and during the night, Isha namaz starts the dua.
  • Then Read verse 31 of Surah Luqman thrice without diverting your mind to go anywhere else.
  • Along with that, recite the ayat:
  • Allahu ‘Akbar khalaq waldayna badalaan minh lkna walidaya ghalba ma yatasarafun maei Piqua ana huna ais’al eank almusaeada litakhfif walidaya al qalb balnsbt Li
  • Repeat the dua to soften the parent’s heart twelve times. Similarly, repeat this for a week without missing even a single day. As soon as you end the dua, you will witness the changing behavior of your parents.

They will tolerate your mistakes and will guide you to choose the right path. They will no longer mark your shortcomings and try to praise you when you do some good act. The dua truly softens your parents and makes them liberal in every sense.

Many of today’s youth are fed up with the amount of work they daily do under their boss’s pressure. It’s becoming annoying for them. Not only that, there remains a constant fear in the employees of getting fired by their rude boss.

They want to protest against their boss’s exploitative nature. But at the same time, due to the fear of losing their income source, they can’t proceed. So if you are unable to oppose your boss, then learn to manipulate him. With that, we must note that Islam speaks about a modern-day solution to a problem like this.

The dua to soften boss’s heart is a good way to solve this kind of problem. By praying to Allah, you can turn your boss to be polite. Here’s how:

  • Do an ablution in the name of your boss.
  • Then do your regular fajr namaz
  • After that, recite durood e sharks
  • Following that, narrate the ayat:
  • asbahat al ruwais’ la yumkin al sayarat alayha alan ‘Ayam innahum la yahtarimun muazafahum alraja’ musaeadati fi tahwiliha ‘villa almadar

Do this ayat ten times a day without any incorrect pronunciation. After the end of the ayat, silently make a wish. Following this, blow them off in a pack of sweets. And the next day, offer your boss the pack of sweets. It will not work if any other staff intake it. Also, make sure that your boss only eats those sweets.

The dua to soften the boss’s heart is a true boon. It is especially for those employees who are struggling in their office daily. So, do this dua and wait for your quick promotion. Thus, the dua to soften someone’s heart towards you will make you feel special.

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