Dua For Disobedient Child

Parents often search for the most powerful dua for the disobedient child. They want their child to be happy and successful. But most of the time children fall in bad company. For all such children, we have brought the most powerful dua for disobedient children. Allah wants his devotees to follow love and peace.

But a disobedient person creates a mess in the family and society. To convert and control disobedient children, Islam has the most powerful dua for disobedient children. Children are the future of the family. They should care for their parents and listen to them. Apart from a good child, they should also be a good human.

After practicing the most powerful dua for a disobedient child, your child will become a sensible person. Further, he/she will start following Islam and will become a 5-time Namazi. Check out the process of the most powerful dua for the disobedient child.

  • Make wazu and start the dua at any time of the day.
  • Recite Yaa Mubaarak Yaa Maakutuu 550 times.
  • Blow it onto a glass of water and give it to your child before sleeping.
  • Follow the same process for 11 days.

Inshallah, Allah will listen to you and make your child obedient. Never hesitate to share your problems with Allah. Your child is your priority, and you must do everything to make him/her obedient. A good child will make you feel proud and make your family name in society.

Dua For Making a Child Obedient or to protect the child from bad habits can be used for stubborn child. We will provide you most powerful dua for disobedient children. In Islam, children are another form of almighty Allah. But not every child is equal. Having an obedient child is one of the greatest things. Most of the time, children become disobedient and do not listen to their parents. As they grow old, they see the world and seek freedom.

They do not want anyone to interfere in their life, especially their parents. Also, the parents try various methods to make them obedient. If you are among those parents, you must read the full article to solve all such problems. The dua for making your child obedient will soon help you transform your child into a good person. He/she will quit all the bad habits and listen to you. We advise parents to try out the given duas to make their children obedient.

  • Make wazu and wear clean clothes.
  • Take a glass of fresh water.
  • Read Surah Yusuf 3 times.
  • Recite “Saalaal Laahu Aala Mohammad Saalaal Laahu Aalaa Yahee Waas Salaam” 300 times.
  • Pray to Allah and blow on the glass of water.
  • Give the water to your child and ask him to drink.

With pure intentions and honesty, you need to pray to Allah to make your child obedient. Allah will bring out your child from all the bad habits. He/she will change into an obedient child, and everyone will praise and appreciate him/her. Every child is special and unique.

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