Dua To Win A Women and Men Heart

Powerful Dua To Win A Lady’s Heart, Somewhere in life, we come across a specific lady and want her to be our life partner. But before making her partner, it is very important to win her heart. For this, you need a powerful dua to win a lady’s heart. As women are much more emotional and moody, men need to take care of everything. The lady can be your crush, lover, or even wife. Here is what you need to practice powerful dua to win a lady’s heart.

Men try various techniques to win a lady’s heart. They try to look cool to impress her. Moreover, they make her laugh and try to be funny. But not every lady gets attracted by such things. Worry not! We have bought the most powerful dua to win a lady’s heart. But remember one thing, do not use it for any bad purpose. Tell Allah your intentions and purpose, before practicing powerful dua to win a lady’s heart. It is because Allah will only help you after knowing your true intentions. All you need is to follow the given ways and have a little patience.

  • Make wazu and offer Isha namaaz
  • Recite Durood E Pak 9 times
  • Recite Yaa Allah Nikaah Istikkhaara
  • Recite All Wadudo 140 times
  • Again recite Durood E Pak 9 times

If you follow the same steps without any mistakes, you will soon get the result. The specific lady will get closer to you without any fear or hesitation.

A husband and wife relationship is quite important, compared to all other relations. They share a strong bond and love. But most of the time, say after a year of marriage, the bond decreases. Dua to win husbands heart is for all those wives, who struggle to win their husbands heart. In most cases, they are husbands who do not have time for their wives. As a result, the wives get stressed and disappointed.

Our dua to win husbands’ hearts eliminates all the gaps and brings husbands closer to their wives. There could be more reasons for the gap between you and your husband. So, take help from the dua to win the husband’s heart. A loving and dedicated wife tries various ways to win her husband’s heart.

She tries to look attractive, makes tasty food, and does every possible thing to make her husband happy. But still, if you fail, you have the best dua to win your husband’s heart. There could be possibilities that anyone might have done black magic to separate you both. The dua to win their husband’s hearts will quickly break the black magic.

Ways to practice dua to win husband’s hear.

  • Make wazu and offer Maghrib namaz
  • Recite Durood Shareef 5 times
  • Recite Ya Wadudo 500 times
  • Again recite Durood Shareef 5 times
  • Keep on visualizing your husband’s face

Now pray to Allah to make you win your husband’s heart. Go through the same process for a week. Hopefully, you will be able to win your husband’s heart soon.

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